Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Check-In

It's actually been 2 weeks since I checked in, and since my Whole 30 ended. My original intent was to continue to stay strict Whole 30 during the week and "regular" paleo on the weekends (aside from possibly an occasional dinner out). I've been successful with the paleo part (okay, okay, I had salad dressing a few times with sugar and bad oils and I ate a tiny bit of cheese and bread at the winery last weekend, but otherwise I've been on track). The Whole 30 part has also been close, but I'll admit to having a maple lard scone here and there and a lot of banana chips for snacking. But, all in all, I'm comfortable with how I'm progressing. The ultimate goal in the end is balance after all. I just wanted to tend toward the stricter side for a bit longer to get my gut issues back in check and to continue to boost my weight loss.

In any event, I weighed and measured myself this morning (didn't bother to last week given that I was coming off a very non-paleo weekend). No weight loss, but both my waist and hip measurements were down another inch! Further evidenced by the fact that I went down another belt buckle as well. And I continue to notice an increase in muscle mass that is evident not only in the mirror, but in what I'm able to do in Crossfit.

So I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. I also hinted in an earlier post at the fact that the doctor (I saw an ortho last week) tenatively diagnosed me with a stress fracture in my tibia. I'm pleased to say that I've been pain free for a week now, while adding in some things like squats and lunges that would have been painful a week or two ago. I'm headed out in a couple of hours to get an MRI so I can know for sure so if you don't mind, please keep your fingers crossed that it was just the highly unusual muscle pull and not a stress fracture!

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