Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Day, Another Solo WOD

So my hope was to drop in on a class at another nearby Crossfit box today. I really like Crossfit Revamped, but it's not the most convenient in terms of distance/location and Revamped was closed all day today. Unfortunately the box in Silver Spring was holding their winter games and the other 2 locations were doing WODs that involved lots of things I can't do right now like double unders. (Have I mentioned my doctor thinks I have a stress fracture in my tibia? What, I left that out? Oops. :P)

So it was another day of working out on my own at my old gym. Here's what I did:

1500 m row & stretching to warm up

6 Rounds For Time of:
12 Wall balls (10 lbs)
9 kettlebell swings (35 lbs)
6 burpees

For practice: tricep dips & handstand push-ups

Yeah, you read that right. I voluntarily put burpees in my workout. It was a relatively small number so I figured I could manage and I'll be honest, they're getting "easier" for me. I also think it's time for me to move up to the 14 lb Rx weight on wall balls, but the 10 lb ball is the biggest my gym has. Still, it was a killer workout. 17 minutes and 40 seconds to finish all 6 rounds and I am SORE AS HECK!! But yay me, for seriously kicking my own ass, twice!

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