Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trying To Get That Kipping Pull-Up

In my eternal quest to get that unassisted kipping pull-up, I asked one of the coaches to take video of me attempting to do one after our workout so I could watch it and compare to the real thing to see where I was faltering. No idea why anyone would actually want to watch this, but if you'd like, have at it, just ignore my chubby belly hanging out:

This is a great video that outlines the steps to getting to a kipping pull-up. Anyone want to compare and tell me what they think I'm doing wrong?

I have a few ideas and some things to work on from the coach, but in the meantime I think my main focus is going to be on increasing my strength a bit more. Her suggestion: every time I walk under my new pull-up bar (ie. every time I walk in or out of my bedroom), I do a pull-up. For now, a "pull-up" means I jump up, try to hold myself for a second, then slowly lower myself down. Right now, I'm not even quite there - it's more of a jump up and try to prevent gravity from taking immediate effect. :P When my bands arrive, I'll be able to do sets of pull-ups with those as well, but I like her idea since it's tough to find time to do sets when you're already going to Crossfit 5 times a week!

Maybe we should place wagers on how long it takes me to get one. Over/under anyone? Set the line!

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