Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Need Some Input

I've been a bit of a bad blogger. My job has been really stressful the last few weeks so between that and all of the work I did getting ready for dinner club, I needed a bit of a reprieve. I also started another Foundations program at a new Crossfit gym that meets 4 times a week so that will be taking up a good bit of my time as well. So in the meantime, a couple of questions for you.

First, the intent of my dinner club was only to make food that I could eat. It wasn't in any way an attempt to convince my friends that they should start eating paleo. I was still excited however when I got an email from one of my friends saying that he and his girlfriend were interested in trying it and would like some links to help them get started. So here's my first question for you:

Do you have websites that you love for meal planning purposes? I know of a couple, but since I tend to do most of my cooking pulling from various blogs that I like or just modifying recipes that I'm already familiar with, I don't have any personal experience using these types of sites. So if you do, could you please post the links in the comments section?

Also, I went on a bit of a pull-up bar search, but I really don't want to have to install a bar and I'm concerned that the ones that hang on your door frame won't support me during kipping pull-ups. I may just get the latter and settle on doing strict pull-ups at home just to work on strength building, but I wondered if anyone had a bar they particularly like?

Speaking of kipping pull-ups, I learned today that the band I've been using to assist me actually supports much less of my weight than I originally thought. So I may be much closer to my ultimate goal of completing one kipping pull-up without assistance than I thought. Pull-ups are on the agenda for Friday's class, so we'll see where I get then, when I haven't already done a full WOD beforehand. Let's hope!

By the way, because of dinner club I also needed a brief reprieve from the menu planning and cooking as well. So when I realized this morning that my leftovers had run out and I had nothing for dinner tonight, I quickly settled on something simple. I pulled a Polyface ribeye from my freezer to defrost and when I got home from Crossfit, I seasoned the steak and got a pot of greens on. At the last minute I seared the steak and nuked some frozen haricot verts with a bit of ghee. With minimal work, I had a great dinner:

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