Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meet Cindy

There's nothing like a sense of accomplishment to pull you out of your doldrums. I've been having something of a crappy week, but a little rundown with Cindy and I'm in a much better mood, mostly because of the sheer number of kipping pull-ups I was able to pull off without changing the band I was using. So meet Cindy:

AMRAP in 20m of:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats

Looks pretty easy, right? Yeah, not so much. I honestly thought the pull-ups would be my downfall and I had 3 bands up on the bar in preparation for needing to switch from kipping with the lightest of the 3 to strict with the bands that carry more of your weight, but in the end, I completed all of my pull-ups kipping with the same band (woot!) and it was the push-ups that really killed me.

In the end, I did 12 rounds plus 1 pull-up. Because it looks so much more impressive when I list out the totals, that's:

61 pull-ups
120 push-ups
180 squats

I'm being redundant, but I'm really fricking excited about those pull-ups. Push-ups on the other hand, I'd prefer not to do any of those for a good while.

Yesterday's baseline WOD by the way was a 20 minute time trial running at the local track. I ran about 2 miles, nothing surprising there. So that just leaves Friday's WOD, Fight Gone Bad. Can't wait although I'm afraid soon instead I'll be saying "can't move", or at least can't move my arms!


  1. Cool and good job on the pull ups. Have you done fight gone bad yet? I really like that one. Were you sore from Cindy?? I somehow always manage to miss the days my gym does Cindy.

    1. Thanks! I did do Fight Gone Bad about 6 weeks ago so I'm really excited to see how I do with it now compared to then. I just finished Cindy about 2 hours ago, but I can already feel it so I'm going to go with yes in answer to your question about that. :P
      What gym do you go to? I didn't realize you are doing Crossfit right now. How did I not know that?! Are you still paleo?

  2. Hi! I was going to Arenal Fitness in Baltimore (started w a groupon and really liked going) but their schedule is not super amenable to working mom life so I go to Arenal, when I can, on a drop in basis, I also follow/get work outs from The good thing about is that I can do some of the workouts at home if they are no equipment needed, or at my regular cheap non Crossfit gym (Brick Bodies) at off hours (not uncommon for me to go at 10 at night). Good thing is that my regular gym has crossfit type equipment, concept2 rowers, pull up area, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc, so I can do the workouts but on my own schedule. Still half and half paleo....Scott wants to go back on Whole 30 but its super tough with the kids. Anyway, keep up the good work, and I love reading your blog updates.

    1. Cool! You should come to an open WOD some Saturday morning at my new gym, they're free. :) By the way, do you know about this traveling WOD site? It's a huge list of WODs that don't require any equipment:

  3. Ooooo thanks for the Traveling WOD site, Jen! There are some things on there that even I can do at home!