Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 3 Report

Happy Valentine's Day loves of my life (yes, if you are bothering to read my blog you certainly qualify as a love of my life)!

I'm finally back in town and settling back into my routine. For anyone who's wondering Zuri recovered from his dental like a champ (although minus 6 small incisors) and his pathology report came back benign today, yay!

The trip was a little more challenging for me. Less so because of temptations being out and about - I managed to do well and only make one concession, which is that I had sweet potato fries (sweet potatoes are paleo) that were fried in peanut oil (peanuts are not) - but more so because of not being able to eat on a schedule. I'm going to see how the next few days go, but there were a couple of days where I was a bottomless pit and I worried that I was eating not just too much, but especially too much fruit and nuts. It may have in part been due to "hormonal changes" as a friend put it, but I also think a large part was not being able to always eat my larger meals on my usual schedule. Then I was sort of trying to "make up for it" later in the day and just couldn't. The one day I wasn't in transit at all and was able to eat on a normal schedule (including a big breakfast of bacon and eggs) things were a lot better for me. I do also hold a tiny bit of hope that a part of it, even if it's a small one, is that my metabolism has increased from all of the Crossfitting.

Still, I managed to avoid temptation across the board, including some very tempting chocolates that looked like pieces of art and coffee from a cool shop in Columbus called One Line Coffee that does their own sourcing and roasting. I also got in a Crossfit workout at a box near my mom's house, Crossfit South Hills on Tuesday. Despite that, I was concerned about my weigh in today and decided that if I came out having not gained any weight back, I would be happy (I also missed a couple of workouts because of the travel). So when I saw that I had actually lost another pound, I was very happy. Definitely considering that a win!

Waiting for me when I got back was a body fat caliper and an awesome tape measure called a Myotape for measuring, well, body parts. Wishing I had ordered these before I started the Whole 30, but I retook all of my measurements with both my old measuring tape and the new Myotape to see how things compared and I recorded my body fat. I'll be using these to track my progress moving forward since weight is such an unreliable measure of increased fitness, but no, I am not revealing my body fat measurement today!

So now I'm in the home stretch. Only one more week (and a day) to go and I am planning to really tighten up and finish strong. Mostly that means trying to reduce the amount of fruit and nuts I'm eating and increase my vegetable intake even further. My plan to accomplish that is to only eat fruit or nuts if they are incorporated into a dish containing veggies and to replace evening snacks of fruit with better options like these kale chips from Nom Nom Paleo. The end is in sight my friends! And while this Whole 30 hasn't been that challenging aside from these past few days, I will be happy when it's over!

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