Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Samosa Breakfast Hash

I'm lucky in a few ways when it comes to paleo eating. One, I love to cook (duh). Two, I don't mind eating leftovers. For days. And, three, I could eat bacon & eggs for breakfast every day of the year. When I get bored, I switch from frying my eggs to scrambling them. Or sometimes I get really crazy and make an omelet.

But, for a lot of people, what to eat for breakfast when you've thrown out your boxes of cereal and packets of oatmeal is challenging. And if I'm being honest, I had been planning to take a brief break from bacon and cook up some sausage, except my farmer canceled last weekend's meat drop. So, it was timely that a friend posted this recipe for Samosa Breakfast Hash from Paleo Cupboard tonight! It was an easy decision to postpone the meal I had been planning and cook up a big batch of this hash instead. Of course, I had to make a few changes.

Since the recipe said the hash would freeze/reheat well, I decided to make a double batch so I could freeze some individual portions, but it turns out I didn't have enough curry powder for 2 lbs of meat (I used dark meat turkey) so I just used what I had (5 T) and left the other spices as they were called for in the recipe. I might up the cinnamon and ginger a touch next time, but I felt the flavor and heat were pretty spot on otherwise.

I also used green onions instead of regular onion and because I wanted something reminiscent of the peas that are usually in samosas, I defrosted some haricot verts and used my scissors to cut them into shorter pieces and added those. Lastly, I subbed in turnips for rutabaga because I thought they'd better emulate the potato.

I had the resulting hash for dinner with 2 fried eggs on top:


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