Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chicken & Vegetable "Lo Mein"

On the menu tonight, Chicken & Vegetable Lo Mein from The Food Lover's Make It Paleo cookbook. You can find the recipe over here on The Food Lover's Kitchen (formerly The Food Lover's Primal Palate) website, but I recommend picking up a copy of the cookbook if you see it. The recipes are all fairly straightforward and simple, but it's nice to have a few paleo cookbooks to page through for inspiration, and everything I've made from this one has always been tasty. This recipe was no exception.

And, it has water chestnuts. I've loved water chestnuts since I was introduced to them in Chinese food as a kid. If you don't like 'em with their absolute lack of flavor yet satisfying crunch, we may have to stop being friends. In any event, all in all a satisfying, healthy dish, even if the name's a bit misleading (love the addition of the cabbage, but without the noodles there's no way you're convincing anyone this is anything more than a tasty stir-fry, sorry).

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