Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coconut Lime Macaroons

I've been indulging in a bit too much chocolate lately, and dealing with some sugar cravings as a result. The other day in Wegman's I actually stopped to eyeball the various pastries and cookies (there's just something about food on display that calls to me!), but I forced myself to move on. Then I saw the containers of macaroons and thought, well at least those will be paleo. Not so much, they had flour in them.

What's a girl to do except make her own? Especially when you follow a link to a blog and this Coconut Lime Macaroon recipe from Comfy Belly happens to be the post of the day. So last night at the ridiculous hour of about 10:30 I set to making them. They were incredibly (dangerously?) simple to make and they are so good. I used the whites from 4 very large farm eggs and stuck to the lower 3T of honey and thought the consistency was perfect. Since I was torn about whether or not to dip them in dark chocolate, I decided to do half and half.

(Man, I wish I could take more photos in daylight!)
Unfortunately sometime today I think I decided to start a 21-day sugar detox tomorrow, which means I will eat what I can tonight, but the rest have to go. Who wants to help me finish off some macaroons? Get here fast! "What I can" may turn out to be a lot. :P

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